My name is Sarah Harvard and I am a Staff Writer at Mic.

Over the past few years, I have been published in The Guardian, The Atlantic, Slate, Huffington Post Politics, VICE, Salon, teenVogue, Refinery29 among many other publications. A lot of my work has been featured in internationally recognized publications, such as National Journal, RT and NPR, and I have been sought out for commentary on breaking news by MSNBC, CTV, HuffPost Live and other media. I also worked in broadcast journalism with Al Jazeera English in the Spring of 2014.

As a journalist, I travel around the world to cities like Baltimore during the Freddie Gray protests and to countries like Myanmar and Thailand where I did on-the-ground research with Burmese peace activists and Rohingya community members. I have also interviewed an eclectic selection of prominent figures including, but not limited to, Noam Chomsky, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Reza Aslan, Maziar Bahari, John Oliver, Howard Schultz, and T.I.

Although I often write about religion, I am particularly interested in covering politics, national security, civil liberties, U.S. – MENA relations, global feminism and where everything intersects with culture and identity. Occasionally, I indulge in writing think pieces on celebrities — Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are my favorite.

I’m currently working on a book detailing a particular Berber immigrant’s experience in addition to developing a podcast, yet to be announced.

All seriousness aside, I like to often remind people I perform stand up comedy and that I can do an excellent Kathy Griffin impression. Don’t worry, I don’t brag about the one time I did crossfit. A true Chicago native, I’m on a quest to find an Italian Beef sandwich in NYC. Recommendations would be appreciated.