My name is Sarah Harvard and I am a journalist based in New York City

I’m a global-minded reporter with bylines featured in the Washington Post, the Atlantic, the Guardian, Mic, Slate, HuffPost PoliticsVICE, BuzzFeed, Salon, Refinery29, Bitch Media and Bustle. My work has been cited by and appeared in Columbia Journalism Review, CNN’s Reliable Sources, The Intercept, the Daily Beast, Gawker, BBC, CBS Face the Nation, HuffPost, and TIME. A serial interviewer, I’ve sat down with W. Kamau Bell, Donald Glover, Reza Aslan, Russell Simmons, Ziauddin Yousafzai, Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Rand Paul, Noam Chomsky, John Oliver, Howard Schultz, Vic Mensa and T.I. Through my reporting, I have been dispatched to Myanmar, Thailand, Germany, and most recently, Saudi Arabia to cover stories ranging from ethnic cleansing, civil unrest, press freedom, and religious reform movements. Although I often cover religion, I also report on issues pertaining to national security, race, immigration and politics. Occasionally, I’ll write a Kanye West think piece or two.

What makes me tick? This incessant desire to prove my third grade teacher, who said I could never be a writer with English as a second language, wrong. Oh, and making people laugh with my strangely spot-on Kathy Griffin impression.